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Progress Log Management
Collect, Analyze, and Report Log Data

WhatsUp Log Management Suite

A modular set of applications that can automatically collect, store, alert, analyze and report on Windows Event, Syslog and W3C/IIS log files for real-time security event detection and response, and compliance assurance and forensics. And, when you integrate the suite with your installation of WhatsUp Gold, you’ll have insight into your network and log data from a SINGLE pane of glass. Learn more »


The WhatsUp Log Management Suite comprises of four individual products that can work independently or together as an integrated set of tools.

WhatsUp Event Archiver

Log files generated by different operating systems, applications, routers, switches and other Syslog devices can vary in format and message content and easily grow to large sizes. This is true for Windows based systems too — and collection, normalization, archival and management of log data from its different versions has its challenges. WhatsUp Event Archiver does exactly that — automating the process of collecting, storing, multi-year archiving and back-up of Syslog, Microsoft events or W3C/IIS logs, as well as providing the means for log file cleansing and management over time. Learn more »

WhatsUp Event Alarm

Potential security events can arise from both inside or outside the network perimeter. Monitoring and identifying patterns of activities from volumes of log data in near real-time needs powerful alert rule configuration and analysis capabilities. WhatsUp Event Alarm continuously monitors collected log data across the Syslog, Microsoft event or W3C/IIS log domains, helps identify potential threat incidents and notifies operations teams via actionable alerts. Event Alarm is a cost-effective way to protect access to key information — employee records, patient or financial information — and enforce your network security policies. Learn more »

WhatsUp Event Analyst

Log reporting is crucial to set a baseline for network security metrics and compliance achievement across all stakeholders. Yet, with the volume of logs generated, any attempt at manual analysis and reporting is bound to fail. WhatsUp Gold Event Analyst enables automated filtering, correlation, reporting and translation of archived raw log data into actionable intelligence for all key stakeholders: IT managers, security and compliance officers, upper management and even law enforcement officers. It also boasts compliance-ready reports for key initiatives including SOX, HIPAA, FISMA, PCI, MiFID, GLB and others. Learn more »

WhatsUp Event Rover

Operations teams need to routinely view event log data and when needed, perform forensic analysis to support emergency response to network health and security threats. In either case, sifting through Syslog files to troubleshoot a problem or sorting and viewing chronologically displayed log files in an interface like the Windows Event Viewer is cumbersome and time consuming. WhatsUp Event Rover supports efficient, on-the-fly reviewing and forensic analysis of high volume log data for data mining and routine analysis. Learn more »